Random Thoughts - 1/27/2015 - Tax Time

Greetings from cyberspace! I meant to post this yesterday, but I ran out of time and steam.  Hard to believe that January 2015 is almost at an end. And it practically flew by. I've already filed my taxes. And according to the lovely state of California, my refund has been authorized.  Yippee.. And this is good news for me. This will help with some upcoming bills, and some personal items that I have been putting off, such as getting a good pair of exercise shoes, and sprucing up the wardrobe, just a bit.

And as for the federal, it will be a bit longer as I always have to submit a form for Buttercup (even this is the last year... maybe) and so here is the current status.  Again... Yippee! Now this is a significant amount and will be applied towards the Discover card.  It will be nice to put a good chunk down on it as my promotional period is scheduled to end soon, so this will be a good chunk of debt to get rid of.

And finally, I will have to adjust my with-holdings on my W-4 and see how that impacts my budget. Oh fun times. Such joy! Grrr... And so as soon as that is done, and I know what my merit increase (if I get any) I will be posting up the budget.  Le sigh...


Debt Tracker Update - 1/24/2015

Greetings from cyberspace! And here is the tracker for this pay period. With this pay period, I paid off $300 more of debt. I still have to contact the insurance company and have it directly deducted from my checking account. Until then, I am paying that amount to the card in addition to regular payment.  I just realized that when I created this tracker, my original debt was a little over $41,000, but because I have to get some repairs done on the car, I had increased it to $42,000. Hopefully, it will not go over that number. But I need to have the repairs done so that I can get my smog certificate to register my car. Fun times. I am so not looking forward to tomorrow. Sigh. Oh well. But here is a bit of good news, the 401K loan is over 50% paid off, the Consolidation loan is just.. and I mean just.. over 20% paid off, and the Personal Loan is almost 20% paid off.  So, there is some progress being made. Yeah!  Well, time for this gal to get some shut eye. Been going to the gym at work and it has been kicking my butt.  And speaking of gyms, I need to call and cancel my membership. It will save me about $23.00 per month. I am cutting expenses like crazy. Tired of not making any real progress and continuously feeling like I am spinning my wheels. Stay tuned!


The Week that Was: 1/15 - 1/21/2015

Greetings from cyberspace!  Week 3 of 2015 started and ended with drama.  The main source was Buttercup, but oh my gravy.  What drama!!  So what happened... sit back and read.  You might want to get a drink (I recommend something alcoholic)
  • January 15 - I had two rather boring meetings at work. I dislike wasted time like that. I have a ton of stuff to do and a very strict deadline.  I met with my Christian mentor, and we are starting to study Philippians, which has a very different feel than Ephesians. I am really looking forward to this study.  I am not sure which book we will be studying next.  And then there is Buttercup, who is currently is dealing with a speeding ticket. She was going so fast, that she could be charged with involuntary vehicle manslaughter. And if convicted, she could (a) lose her license permanently and (b) have her probation revoked and sent to jail.  She is trying to impeach the cop, however, it is not looking good.  In addition to that, she called me, crying that she and her new 'boyfriend' (oh my gravy) has something.. (can't remember) and she wanted me to give her money to have him treated. Seriously??  I told her no, and then hung up on her.
  • January 16 - Here was my daily morning scripture - 'Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be terrified;do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go.' - Joshua 1:9 (NIV) - I so needed it.  My work computer took a memory dump and displayed a scary blue screen, right in the middle of working on a spreadsheet that was driving me crazy anyways.  My oldest credit card (which was bought by Capital One) just got a credit limit increase. I went over to the Ex's to pick up something and uninstall something on the computer and had him proceed to tell me how he longer has issues with the washing machine, that the pump is working better because my hair is so strong it would clog up. The new girlfriend is really staking her hold on the old place. In fact she was so kind to get all my files for me in a bag.  Good for her. And the topper... Buttercup got kicked out where she was living.  It is a mess. Le sigh.  I am just waiting to get her call with her sob story. After talking with her father about the situation, it would be in my best interest (and hers) if I don't communicate with her for a while. And then it had a little too much wine and not enough food. Not a good combination...
  • January 17 - Woke up super duper early, and could not go back to sleep. Cousin wanted me to go with her to get our nails done, but I am out of variable money (thank you Buttercup!) until next week. So I spent the day going through my files, cleaning my bathroom and doing laundry. I turned on my iPad and listened to my favorite music while working on the files. While going through it, I came across some receipts for stuff I bought with the Ex, such as the kayaks, the satellite receiver for the trailer.  Guess who is going to get a demand letter for reimbursement. And I came across my old 401K loan docs that I had taken out previously. Yeah, like I needed that reminder of my stupidity. In the midst of all of it, I found a document that I needed to dispute a collection that was paid off, but not removed from my credit report like they said they would. Yes, 2015 is going to be the year I really tackle the crap on my credit report. And I also found this a drawing Buttercup drew for me.  When I was done, I realized I needed to get a small file cabinet, so I looked online for one that was reasonable and looked decent. I didn't find one, so I opted with getting a decorative file box. I also started reading Boundaries: When To Say Yes, How to Say No by Dr. Henry Cloud.
  • January 18 - Went to church and felt more fortified than I have done for quite some time. I was truly moved by the sermon. Afterward, my cousin and I had a discussion regarding Buttercup and what is going on. Her father is going to try to help her with the speeding ticket. Apparently he met up with Buttercup and said she looked terrible. It broke my heart hearing that. The cousin and I met up with some friend to watch the Seattle Seahawks win (just barely) the NFC championship. And guess what.. I wasn't Invisible!!  LOL! Met some great people, made new friends, and really had a great time. Can't wait until Super Bowl Sunday!!!
  • January 19 - Monday blues. Work was just so crazy! I worked on a project that I severely underestimated, but to be fair, it was the first time we attempted this process.  A new friend that I met on Sunday and I chatted a bit on Facebook.  Not too sure what to make of the situation, but we shall see.  And my cousin's oldest daughter and the baby came by for a visit. They watched 'The Fault in Our Stars'. The topic was a hard one for me to watch, so I declined, besides the decorative box for my filing. However, I need get to hanging files. Also, called to get my car in for servicing because (a) the check engine light is on (b) I need to get my car smog done this year. Which is why I padded my Debt Tracker to $42,000.
  • January 20 - Nothing too exciting, except that Buttercup called me (finally!) and we had a brief conversation. She wanted me to co-sign for a lease for an apartment. Ummm... No, I will NOT do that. So, she has to figure out her living situation and pretty soon. At least she is working. She said that she was going to talk to her father about moving back home. Honestly, it would be the best option, because at least her father understands her better, I prayed that this would be a good thing for the two of them.
  • January 21 - What a day? I started working out at the gym. Felt great, but my body was sore. It was quiet at work due to our annual sales and service meeting. Which was great because I was able to get quite a bit done, but I am really behind schedule, and a bit worried. Oh well, just need to keep plugging away.
Sorry for the long post, but it really was an interesting week. And I stayed within my budget! Yeah me!!


A Public Service Announcement

Greetings from cyberspace! For those wondering why I am not blogging daily, I have decided to do the following posts

  • The Week that Was - weekly on Wednesday
  • Random Thoughts - weekly on Monday
  • Debt Tracker Progress - bi-weekly - Friday
  • Goal Progress - bi-weekly - Friday (alternating with Debt Tracker Progress)
I find that I have a schedule, I do better.  See you around!


The Week that Was: 1/8 - 1/14/2015

Greetings from cyberspace! Well, the second week of 2015 is the bank, and as always, ups and down.  So let's do a quick check-in and recap.

January 8 - Pretty much blah day, due to the cleanse that I am doing.  Fun stuff!!!

January 9 - PAYDAY!!!  Or, Debt Management Day! Paid off approximately $600 of debt. But had to run over to the Ex's to get money for the truck payment.  Joy.. (yes, that is sarcasm!)

January 10 - Spent most of the morning working and doing laundry.  Oh yeah, it night I became 'Invisible'... Not gonna do that again!

January 11 - Woke up totally depressed and confronted cousin about what happened. Pretty much hibernated in my room, prayed and reflected about what happened. But I did manage to get to the store and get lunch supplies.

January 12 - Woke up with a cluster headache. Hadn't had one of those in such a long time.  Stayed home and pretty much slept most of the day.  Cousin made sure the kids were pretty quiet.  Oh yeah, it was Dad's birthday.  He would have been 74. Happy Birthday Dad!

January 13 - Feeling much better. Went to work and got started on next project. Emails needed to be worked on, but still keeping up on them. Had several meetings. Found song on iTunes by Chris Pine from a movie he did years ago.  The genre is Country, but love his singing. Enjoy!!  (And he's nice to look at too!)

January 14 - If I was still married, it would have been my 19th wedding anniversary.  WOW! And speaking of the ex-husband, just found out that he is real sick. Praying for him.

The budget took a minor hit, but nothing that I can't correct.  Well, going to balance the accounts, read my book.  Good night my dear friends!


On Being Invisible

Greetings from cyberspace! Yesterday was... let's just say... not what I had hoped for. I spent way too much. My cousin and I went to get something to eat, then headed over to a local bar with a mutual friend to watch the Seahawks game. (BTW - Yeah Seahawks!). Now I was the designated driver, which is nothing new for me for even in my younger years, I was the designated driver (I think it stems from losing my mother as a result of someone being too drunk to drive). I opened up a tab, and had one drink, where as my cousin, had several. There were some pretty neat people there, in particular, a very attractive gentlemen. However, by the end of the night, it was clear that he was more interested in my cousin. And it is repetitive pattern, where I am footing the bill, and someone else reaps the benefit. And I am the Invisible Person.  Over and over again. It happened when we went camping, and she met someone there, and they dated for a while. Me... I get overlooked.  Every. Single. Time. I was so hurt last night. I closed up the tab, and went outside to my car and cried. My cousin thought I left and got a ride from our friend. Am I bitter? Yes. And No. Yes, because I don't like the feeling of being invisible. And No, because I also know that I am not invisible to God. Maybe there is a reason why He has concealed me from others. I just wish I knew. But I believe that this was a wake-up call for me to stop footing the bill for others to enjoy life while it just passes me over. So for now, I will just be invisible, and hide out in my room for a bit. Read some scripture to soothe my broken spirit and pray. Finish reading my book. Start a cross-stitch project. Today, I need to be invisible to heal.


Debt Tracker Update - 1/10/2015

 Greetings from cyberspace! Here is the first update. With this pay period, I paid off a little over $500.00! It is a great start. The next pay period my not be as much, but we will see. It felt so great to color in those squares! I am extremely visual person, thus seeing this daily will be a constant reminder to stay on track, and help me be accountable. What is definitely consistent on the payments is the following - 401K Loan, Consolidation Loan, and Person Loan. I automatically pay on the 401K and the Consolidation Loans bi-weekly, and the Personal Loans every 4 weeks.  On the credit cards, I have bi-weekly payments going.  However, I do have a hiccup on the Discover card as I have it tied to my insurance payment. I will have to contact the insurance company and have it directly deducted from my checking account, but that will have to wait until after taxes because I want to have a reserve for all bills in my checking account while I am working on paying down the debt. And speaking of taxes, I need to talk to Buttercup regarding that, because I think I can claim her for part of the year, but then she has to note that on her taxes.  Fun times!!  And another note, even though my actual original debt was lower than the debt tracker, I have to have some repairs done on the car, and thus that will increase my debt. Hopefully not by a lot. Fun times!!  Seriously... I should be able to get this stabilized within the next 90 days. Lord, grant me patience and strength. Well, I really need to log on and get some work done.