Priceline, You... (Fill in the Blank)

Greetings from cyberspace! Well, it is official.  I will not use Priceline unless I absolutely have to.  I have been trying to bid on a rental, and no deal.  So, I decided to go to Southwest and get one of their deals.  And so even though I will be paying about $20.00 more, at least I don't have the frustration and I get Rapid Rewords points.  With that being said, I plan on using Southwest when I go visit my daughter or fly her to California.  Seriously Priceline... you just lost a good customer.


He Has Risen

Greetings from cyberspace! May we celebrate this day, the one that our Lord has risen, defeating death and honor Him by doing things that are pleasing to him.  Thank you Lord for dying so that I may be saved.


I Refuse to be Bullied

Greetings from cyberspace! I dislike bullies, whether I am the victim or perpetrator (yes, I am guilty of it).  And the most recent bully around is Priceline.  I am trying to negotiate a reasonable price for a rental car.  And I keep getting shot down.  I refuse to pay more than $375.00 for the 11 days I will be in Missouri seeing Buttercup. Seriously, don't they realize who they are dealing with... Grrrrr..... Le sigh.... Guess I will keep trying!


Checking In...

Greetings from cyberspace! Not sure who is out there, but I thought I should check in.  After all, I still lurk in the shadows of my favorite blogs.

I wish I could share with you what has been happening, but to protect my daughter, I won't.  Let's just say the situation has calmed down... for now.. but a lot is going on.  I am still planning on going to see her next month.  I booked my airfare yesterday, and will wait a few days to negotiate a deal on Priceline for a rental car.

On the financial front, my Action plan has been halted right now.  Why... well, yours truly has a little bit of credit card debt again.  It's called emotional spending... Get over it.  Part of it is that I FINALLY got a room.  I'm sitting at my desk, and have my own space to call my own.  It is just what the doctor ordered.

As soon as I get back from my trip to see Buttercup, I will be back online, with a vengeance.  But for now, please know that I am grateful for the prayers and emails (hello judy.. and loved your post). Please take heart that I have been leaning on my faith to get me through this difficult time.

With hugs and kisses to all.... Rhitter!


Closing Blog

Greetings from cyberspace. It is with a heavy heart that I will not be posting for a while.  Things with Buttercup has severely escalated to a dangerous level. I need to step away and take a deep breath. Clear my head. I will be back. Just don't know when. 

Take care and remember. Life is short. Cherish it. 


I Love Curve Balls...

Greetings from cyberspace! I love curve balls, and I am not taking about baseball.  (yes, I am being sarcastic) Point in case, Buttercup is getting ready to graduate, and is trying to figure out what she is going to do, ie, living situation, school, and so forth.  Recent conversations with her have been a little odd.  And uncomfortable. She wants me to help her get into an apartment with her boyfriend and his brother.  Ahem.... let me think on that.. for a nanosecond... NO! And I can't believe she asked me that. I am just at a lost of what to think or do. I have been praying about it, and I know that is not right to help her in that manner. If it was, 'Mom, I need help to find a room to rent while I go to school', I would be okay.  But not this. This is a curve ball I did not see coming.  Oh the joys of being the mother of pre-adult teen.


Feeling Like I Need a Change of Routine

Greetings from cyberspace! The other day I was noticing that my pants are getting a bit snug.  I haven't been to the gym in a long while, and I really don't have any energy. Some of this stems of not having my own space here at the house or just been so freaking busy that I really have not had me time, except at night. I haven't done any real reading. It is just way too chaotic here for me to read, and at night time, I am just way too tired. I feel fat. I haven't had a chance to take care of some personal stuff as I have been busy with family stuff. So with that being said, starting tomorrow morning, I shall be going to the gym in the early morning. They have showers there so that I can get ready for work. I just need to get up and get my workout clothes on and head down. The night before I will pack up my work clothes and shower stuff. As for my morning coffee.. guess that will have to wait until I get to work.  But I am tired of feeling blah.. I had so much more energy when I was going to the gym, but it was too difficult at night time. It's going to be tough to get started, but after a while, it will be second nature. My 6 months free gym member ends this month, so if I am going to pay for it, I might as well use it.  Because there is no way I am going to buy new clothes because I have gotten too big to wear what I have. Speaking of, I do need to get some new items. I only have 4 pairs of work pants, and so I need at least 3 more so I don't keep wearing down the ones I have.  Okay, well, time to go finish up laundry.